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1984 And 2020 Are Same

1984 And 2020 Are Same

Many will not agree, but things have been becoming similar between 1984 and presently in  New Delhi. Though governments have been different, as earlier there had been congress and presently its BJP, but both have targeted a community and tried to label them as terrorists.

Earlier after the murder of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 Sikhs, then congress government painted all Sikhs as terrorists and killed thousands of Sikhs while now, the BJP has been trying to label all Muslims as terrorists and isolate the community with CAA,  NPR and NRC.

The latest figures show that around 32 people have lost their lives in violence that has broken out in the parts of the national capital and over 190  have suffered injuries.  Though Delhi police claimed to have registered  17 FIRs and arrested 100, area residents have been demanding quick strictest action.

Politicians have started “memorandum game” as congress leaders have submitted to President Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Thursday while more parties would also follow it.

But the lack of seriousness, like 1984, in present clashes, can be gauged from the fact that in many areas, well-organized mobs targeted the innocents. The burnt vehicles have been lying on the roadside while injured have been under treatment,  but the leaders of BJP, Congress and AAP  have still been offering customary statements rather than coming on roads to express their solidarity with innocents to send a strong message to rioters.

In 1984 congress allowed its leaders to use inflammatory words against Sikhs while in the present case, BJP leaders were allowed to deliver hate speeches against Muslims. Despite complaints and digital evidence, none faced any FIR.  It’s not an overstatement that if we say that like 1984, police helped rioters in New Delhi in 2020 also by allowing them to have free run despite having required evidence.

Present PM Narendra Modi and his team must wake up to reality as the consequences for the government and its politicians,  will also be same.

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