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44th federal election 2021: Liberals secure an early lead with 144 seats

44th federal election 2021: Liberals secure an early lead with 150 seats

OTTAWA: The Liberal Party held an early lead as results dribbled in from Monday’s federal election but the Conservatives were making gains, confirming predictions of a horse-race finish to a campaign held amid the rebounding COVID-19 pandemic.

The Liberals were ahead in 150 seats by just before 08:17:02 GMT to 102 for the Conservatives, 26 for the NDP, 29 for the Bloc Quebecois and two for the Green Party.

Trudeau cast his ballot in his riding of Papineau, Quebec, with his three children at his side. His wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, who already voted, waited by the entrance of the polling station.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and his wife Rebecca arrived Monday morning at a voting station in Bowmanville, Ont., in his riding of Durham, to cast their votes.

Other leaders voted ahead of election day, including NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who cast his ballot in an advance poll in his riding in Burnaby, B.C., earlier this month. Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet also voted in advance, but spoke in Drummondville, Que., Monday morning to encourage his supporters to visit their polling stations. Green Party Leader Annamie Paul voted by mail.

The magic number: 170

Canada has 338 federal ridings, most located in densely populated parts (think: the Greater Toronto Area).

To win a majority government, a party needs to win 170 seats or more. The Liberals triggered the election holding 155, but would need a strong showing to win back the majority the party lost in 2019.

The Conservatives currently held 119 seats prior to the election.

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