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9 Dairy-Free Sources of CALCIUM

9 Dairy-Free Sources of CALCIUM

You may have heard that calcium is essential to strong bones and indeed it is.

But it is also said that the best source of calcium is dairy products.

However, is that the whole story?

No, there are other sources too.

Below are 9 Dairy-Free Sources of CALCIUM:


Almonds contain almost 100 mg o calcium per ounce Almonds also may be beneficial for those with high cholesterol.


Steam broccoli tor high-calcium side dish or add raw to salads for an extra boost.

Black Eyed Peas

Not only are black-eyed pea coats a good source of calcium, but these little beans also contain potassium, folate and other nutrients.


Fresh figs are a good source of calcium. Four of them will give you more than 100 mg of calcium.


This super-green is high in calcium, other minerals and antioxidants.  Cook as a side dish or add to your salad if you need opium boost.


Oatmeal provides a significant amount of calcium. Just one packet of instant oatmeal provides about 100 mg.

Orange Juice

Enjoy a glass of orange juice with your breakfast and boost your com stores. Calcium-enriched orange Juice will provide even more of your daily needs.


We already know salmon is a notorious fish, loaded with essential fatty acids, but this fish is also rich in calcium and other minerals.

Sesame Seeds

Sprinkle them on cereal or salads, Sesame seeds are not just high in calcium but also provide fiber and unsaturated fat.

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