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A Cup of Urine after ice bath is Pop-Star Madonna’s health secret (VIDEO)

Madonna’s secret to quickly healing bruises will leave you in a state of shock.

In an unusual video on her social media handle, Madonna revealed that she was taking ice-cold baths and drinking urine!

The “Queen of Pop”, who is currently in the midst of her “Madame X Tour”, documented her 3 a.m. ritual for fans.

Along with the clip Madonna Louise Ciccone penned “Shall we start an ice bath challenge? 41 degrees. Best treatment for injuries”.

Watch the video and listen to Madonna’s ‘Urine’ mantra here:

Dressed in a sports top and hot pants with rubber socks, Madonna sported a round bruise on her right forearm, before lowering her underwear to reveal another bruise on her leg.

The singing legend then took the plunge by sitting in the freezing bath.

After being in the ice cubes for more she pulled off her rubber socks to show the end result telling Ahlamalik, ‘That’s so you know how cold it is’.

The video then unfolds to the ‘Like a Virgin’ singer drinking a yellow liquid from a white teacup as she says ‘It’s really good to drink urine after you’ve got out of the frozen bath.’

It’s not the first time Madonna has used urine as a medical treatment.

Even in the past, Madonna did not shy away from the fact of using urine for healing purposes.

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