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AAP celebrates Lohri by burning copies of black laws at 16,000 places across Punjab: Bhagwant Mann

AAP celebrates Lohri by burning copies of black laws at 16K places across Punjab

CHANDIGARH, JANUARY 13, 2021: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) burnt the copies of centre’s agricultural black laws while celebrating Lohri festival dedicated to the martyrs of farmers’ movement across Punjab. In a statement issued from the party headquarters, AAP state president and MP from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann said that our ‘annadatas’ were working day and night against the black laws of the central government and were getting martyred during  agitation.

He said that so far more than 65 of our farmer brothers were martyred in the agitation. “In this moment of farmers’ crisis, all the workers of the Aam Aadmi Party have decided that we will dedicate this year’s Lohri, to our farmer brothers who were martyred in the movement,” said Mann.  He said that the party workers saluted the spirit and courage of the farmer by burning more than 8 lakh copies of the agriculture black laws which killed our farmer brothers, in every village, locality and cities of every district of Punjab, at more than 16,000 places.

Mann said that these black laws were not laws, but warrants of death for our ‘annadatas’. That is why we, along with the farmer brothers, burnt these life-threatening black laws in the fire of Lohri to raise their voice and demands, he added. He said that on one side, sons of the farmers of Punjab were getting martyred while fighting the enemies on the border of the country and on the other hand, our farmers were getting martyred by agitating against the dictator ruler of their own country. “The ruler of the country is immersed in the ego of power. Due to his arrogance, he is not listening to the legitimate demands of the ‘annadatas’ of the country, who have been struggling on the roads for months, risking their lives in this severe cold. He is forcing them to struggle on the roads in this harsh weather,” he added.

Mann said that the central government should not play with the feelings of the farmers and repeal the black laws immediately. He further expressed sorrow over the decision of the Supreme Court, saying that it was very unfortunate that even the apex court could not understand the problems of the farmers properly and the farmers could not get justice from the court. He said that it had been more than a month and a half, since our farmers’ brothers and sisters were sitting in severe cold against the dictator Modi-led central government.

“More than 65 of our farmer brothers who were agitating have lost their lives. But, the Modi government and BJP leaders are giving mental pain to the farmers and hurting their self-esteem by making false statements and allegations against them,” said Mann. The AAP leader said that the Modi government was taking away the constitutional rights of common people of the country and was attacking the democratic structure of India in violation of the dignity of the constitution. Mann said that the Modi government should not act like an Ambani-Adani intermediary and should immediately repeal these black laws. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the farmers since the first day of the movement and will continue to raise the voice of its farmer brothers from the road to the Parliament.

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