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All kinds of ‘mafias’ running under patronage of Captain: Bhagwant Mann

All kinds of ‘mafias’ running under patronage of Captain: Bhagwant Mann

CHANDIGARH, JANUARY 14, 2021: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) criticized the anti-people decisions taken by the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh-led state government in every sector in the last four years; stating that the government was for the welfare of the people and not to impose a burden on them. In a statement issued from the party headquarters, AAP state president and MP Bhagwant Mann said that in the greed of seizing power, Captain Amarinder Singh had made a number of promises to the people before the elections which were not fulfilled till date.

He said that Captain Amarinder had taken oath of Sri Gutka Sahib to get votes from the people and as soon as he got the seat, he forgot everything. Mann said that after Captain Amarinder became the Chief Minister, Punjab had become a state where electricity was more expensive than any other state. “It was astonishing that in a state where power is being generated, people have to buy more expensive power than the rest of the country, whereas in Delhi where there is no power generation, the Kejriwal government is still providing the cheapest power,” he added.

Mann said that Captain Amarinder Singh was looting the government resources to his close associates and was imposing taxes on the people to replenish the exchequer. He said that sand, liquor, transport and various other mafias were mushrooming in Punjab under the patronage of Captain Amarinder. He said that due to Corona pandemic, the people of Punjab were financially burdened and Captain was putting more burden on them by making petrol and diesel more expensive.

On the deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab in the last four years, Mann said that even under the rule of Captain Amarinder Singh, the situation had deteriorated like the previous Akali Dal Badal and BJP government. He said that like the previous government, people were being shot dead by gangsters and the law and order situation was deteriorating day by day. Mann said that Captain had made many false promises to the Punjab employees to seize power. “During the SAD-BJP government, Captain had gone to the employees’ rallies and dharnas and promised to fix the pay commission, full pay; but in the intoxication of the chair forgot everything. So far, the Captain-led government has not given the pay commission and does not even dare to talk to other employees about their demands,” he added. He said that due to lack of qualified employees in the government institutions, people were not getting jobs and the youth were agitating on the streets for employment, while ‘Captain Sahib’ was sleeping in his farm house.

The AAP leader further said that there had been an increase in the number of atrocities against the Dalit community in Punjab. “The Captain government should have worked for the upliftment of the living standards of the Dalit community. Surprisingly, the scholarships of Dalit students were also squandered. The government was to provide new facilities to the Dalit community but following the footsteps of SAD-BJP, the existing facilities were also being slashed,” he said.

Mann said that Punjab businesses were constantly moving out of the state. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central government had already imposed various burdens on the traders and on the other hand the Captain government had kept the traders at bay by making electricity more expensive and imposing huge taxes on diesel and petrol. “Today, the traders are economically depressed due to the policies of the government. Due to all sorts of ‘mafias’ being run by the government, the true traders are being hunted down,” said Mann. He said that today, the people of Punjab were being crushed by the collusion of both, the centre and the Punjab government. He added that Captain Amarinder Singh should give up his chair and work for the people and not for his cronies, the mafias.

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