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Allay fears to improve testing 

Allay fears to improve testing 

Despite tall claims of Punjab congress government, it authorities have failed to improve testing and state has slipped from 5th to 8th position in terms of testing per million across the country. It has not only exposed the difference of claims and ground realities but also shows the lack of seriousness.

As per official record, around 13 days back, Punjab was on 5th position in tests per million after Rajashthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and New Delhi.

Health department figures show that Karnataka, Haryana and Kerala have surpassed Punjab despite its authorities increasing its testing from 14204 to 17342 per million. Though figures show that during the last 14 days, health department authorities have increased their daily testing from 9000 to 12000, but still testing is yet to reach at desired level.

For low number of testing alone government authorities are not responsible as there are many residents, who are not coming forward to get themselves tested as they fear torture in isolation centre. In many districts of Punjab, even positive patients have fled the isolation centres while at many places, health department officers were attacked by the relatives of suspected patients after officers tried to forcibly take the samples of suspected patients.

At many places, police officers accompanied the health department officers to convince the suspected patients, but to no avail.

The biggest hurdle in improving the number of testing is fear among residents and without allaying it, the government cannot increase daily testing.

Apart from improving the testing facility, government authorities must improve other facilities at isolation centers.

Without the cooperation of residents, the state cannot see desired testing and authorities must encourage residents for testing.

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