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Bajwa loses state security, not Badals

Bajwa loses state security, not Badals

The reason for withdrawal of state security from  Congress Rajya Sabha MP Partap Singh Bajwa,  that he has a central security cover, has failed to convince all as Parkash Singh Badal, Sukhbir Singh Badal and Bikramjit Singh Majithia (Akali leaders) all have been provided security by the Central government and state government also.

Why Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh, who is home minister also of the state, has not recommended the withdrawal of state security of Badals and Majithia on the same grounds?.

Such double standard has not only exposed Punjab CM’s lies, but it has also confirmed worst fears that not only junior police officers, but even senior officers have also become puppets of their political bosses. Punjab police officers seem to have completely abdicated their professional integrity and impartiality in the discharge of their duties only to appease their political bosses.

Bajwa has alleged that several reports prepared by intelligence agencies during last some time have confirmed his threat perception. But after the pressure of Punjab CM, concern officers prepared a bogus threat assessment report within some days to withdraw his security cover. The allegations of Bajwa are serious as if Punjab CM and his government must come clean and give detailed reply rather than avoiding giving direct replies to allegations. There are many more politicians in Punjab, who also have a difference of opinion and they may also be targeted in same fashion for raising their voice against the wrongs of Punjab government.

 Apparently avoiding reply about why state security of Badals and Majithina has not been withdrawn, Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh has stated that withdrawal of the state security to the Congress MP was his decision, as home minister, based on the intelligence inputs from the Punjab Police. But Punjab CM cannot escape more and hide his tactic understanding with Badals to protect them as in the present case, his own party MP has been raising serious questions.

Punjab CM owes an explanation to state residents over the selective withdrawal of state security of Bajwa.

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