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India Records Biggest One-Day Jump As Coronavirus Cases Reach 315

Better late than never

After the delay of many days, finally Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Monday ordered state-wide curfew clampdown. Punjab is the first state to impose curfew in country to control the COVID-19.

Though Curfew across country, should have been imposed last month after the rise of Coronavirus cases, but better late than never. Though our country PM Narendra Modi had announced Janta curfew on Sunday, but he did not impose curfew even after getting huge response to his Janta curfew.

As per latest update, the number of coronavirus cases has increased to 415 on Monday while eight patients have lost their lives. Apart from closing international flights, authorities have also decided that no domestic flight will operate across country from Wednesday and only cargo flights will be allowed.

Across world, the virus has killed thousands of residents of various countries and around 2.50 lakh people are infected. Renowned scientists have repeatedly been warning that virus can cause an explosion in a country like India, which has the second largest population, if authorities failed to take required preventive steps.

Since coronavirus spread from person to person through contact or through respiratory system when a patient coughs or sneezes, maintaining social distance is the responsibility of residents. Indian and all state governments have already been taking required steps like imposing curfew, closing of public transport like buses, trains and Metros , now it’s the turn of residents to support government by maintaining social distance.

India has a history of winning many battles and hopefully country will also win the battle against Coronavirus.

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