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BJP wants only publicity

Despite having serious differences with central BJP government, various opposition parties and state governments have been supporting central BJP government since the start of lockdown after the spread of Covid-19. But central BJP government has failed to reciprocate . Infact there are many examples of central government giving various directions to state governments , only to grab headlines for publicity to outdo others and left state governments to handle the crisis without any logistical support.

Like GST, demonetization, central government announced 21 day lockdown in March at just four hours notice without even giving any prior information to state government. Though there are allegations that central BJP government gave hints to his own party state governments, but BJP leaders have denied it.

Even after sudden announcement of lockdown, majority of opposition parties and state governments supported the directions of central government to end Coronaivirus. But the unconditional support of state governments failed to keep the politics away as central BJP government and PM Narendra Modi tried to project in front of all world like all India is in the pocket of PM and no importance/credit was given to neither any opposition party nor to any state government for lockdown.

The credit war is still going on as BJP leaders have been trying to project as if only PM Modi has saved all country despite repeated criticism and storms by various experts and conclusions that without the support of state governments and opposition parties , lockdown could not have got success.

Since the start of lockdown central government has only created confusion for state governments on various issues from the testing and much publicized stimulus package. Financial experts say that the centre has again put the ball in the court of state governments with latest stimulus package by raising the borrowing limit.

India has a history of defeating big enemies and Covid-19 will also be defeated, but politics being played by Central BJP government will never succeed in fetching votes.

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