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Boycott helps NDA

Boycott helps NDA

The Public representatives of various states have failed to oppose the farm bills effectively and rather their boycott of proceedings in both houses is beyond comprehension.

In fact the boycott helped ruling party as government hurriedly pushed through key bills on Tuesday, amid the possibility of present monsoon session being cut short.

The boycott came after eight members of Parliament (MPs) were suspended for causing commotion during the controversial passage of farm reform bills. The protesting MPs refused to relent even after a conciliatory gesture from Rajya Sabha deputy chairman Harivansh.

After eight MPs were suspended, all nation had high hopes from remaining MPs of opposition parties and expected that they would stall the house proceedings at least for a short time to raise the resentment of country residents in house. Had the MPs not boycotted and contested the controversial bills, they would have at least succeeded in winning perception game and residents would have heaped praise upon them.

In Rajya Sabha ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) does not have a majority, but even after lacking a majority, NDA passed seven bills in three and a half hours as the opposition was missing. The Rajya Sabha business advisory committee organized a meeting last evening without any opposition MPs and cleared the business, as per their choice.

After the boycott, there are allegations that opposition MPs deliberately boycotted the session for reasons best known to them.

What the MPs have gained by a boycott? , they must share with residents.

Had they been inside of the house, they would have lodged their protest. The boycott is not the answer when all country residents are hoping to get themselves heard in the house through their MPs.

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