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Lightning Bolt Strikes Passenger Plane During Storm

Breathtaking Video Shows Lightning Bolt Strikes Passenger Plane

A breathtaking video shows a lightning bolt struck a passenger plane in the United Kingdom.

The incident took place on Sunday night as a thunderstorm rolled.

Birmingham resident Daniel Pereira shared the security camera footage of the horrifying moment on Facebook Sunday.

In the video, rain is seen lashing the lens o the security camera as the bolt hit the aeroplane mid-air. The plane, phenomenally, continued on its journey, seemingly unharmed by the lightning.

Watch the video below –

The video clip has got 1.4K shares and has garnered more than 126K views.

According to The Sun, an Aer Lingus flight was going from Birmingham to Dublin on Sunday night when it was struck by lightning.

“We were watching TV when we saw a huge light on the other side of our closed blinds and then a heard a huge noise which made our dogs jump,” 31-year-old Pereira.

Before the plane was hit mid-air by the bolt, a loud bang was heard, report locals.

“We couldn’t believe what it had been, we see planes going over our house all the time, never seen anything like that before,” said Pereira.

“Aer Lingus can confirm that on its departure from Birmingham Airport at 21:33, flight EI 277 to Dublin encountered lightning,” said a spokeswoman from Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus’ spokeswoman adds, “The aircraft, which is designed to withstand regular weather occurrences, was not damaged and operated as normal to Dublin where it landed at 22:38.”

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