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CAA Causes Violence Again

CAA Causes Violence Again

The failure of Delhi police and other security agencies to control the violence in Delhi has raised serious questions about the preparedness of our armed forces to control any violence, caused by the passing of Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

The violence started on Monday in the Jaffrabad, Maujpur and Bhajanpura areas of northeast Delhi and spreading to other areas also. Initially, it looks like a street fight, but gradually it has taken the shape of serious communal clash and spreading fast to other areas also of Delhi as organized groups have been attacking each other, damaging properties, setting shops and vehicles on fire.

Despite claims of Police, union home ministry and New Delhi government of taking effective steps, the stone-throwing rival groups have been attacking each other and seven – including a policeman – have lost their lives while more than 90 have suffered injuries.

It’s not the first time, that Delhi has been burning, but in past also Delhi has seen violence after the passing of CAA, but our authorities failed to take quick action. Having failed to control the violence, the authorities have closed all government and private schools in Northeast Delhi.

Delhi is not the first area, which has seen protests over the passing of CAA, but many states been seeing protesters turning violent. But till date the central government has failed to show its seriousness by taking strict action, to prevent the situation from taking an ugly turn.

In fact, the bold statements of BJP leaders that there will not be any review of CAA has further fuelled the anger of protesters. Things have reached to such an alarming situation, that well-educated society of Delhi, has been divided into two groups.

The open use of weapons in clashes has confirmed that goons have the backing of political bosses, who are also pressurizing the cops to stay away from clashes. Even during New Delhi elections, the BJP leaders did not leave any stone unturned to incite violence against protesters, who are opposing CAA. BJP leaders repeatedly delivered hate speeches and openly spewed venom against protesters of CAA. But strangely despite repeated calls for violence by politicians, cops remained mute spectators.

Since we have lost all hopes from authorities, its high time for society to wake up to scuttle the nefarious designs of politicians.

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