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Cap on Screen time good, but complete syllabus also

Cap on Screen time good, but complete syllabus also

In a big relief to students and their parents, the Union Human resource department (HRD) ministry has ordered that school students in the classes of 1 to 8 should not attend more than two teaching sessions of 45 minutes every day while the students of higher classes can have four such sessions every day.

The latest guidelines will help parents to reduce the time, their children spend in front of screens due to the spread of Covid-19 as schools have been shut since the outbreak of a pandemic.

The sitting of children in front of screens has caused serious health problems to them in many states of the country. Mainly it has multiplied the stress on their nerve system while many have been suffering from head and eye-related problems. In some cases, parents have reported rising addiction of mobile phone among their children as they say that their children are unwilling to leave mobiles even after completing their homework. In other areas, children have wasted lakhs of their parents by playing online paid games.

The authorities have prepared the guidelines in consultation with CBSE and National Council of Educational Research and Training. Authorities have directed that pre-primary student should not sit in front of screens for more than 30 minutes while till 8th class, they should not use mobiles for more than 45 minutes.

Apart from health problems, the start of online classes has created serious problems for poor students, who do not have mobiles and computers to attend online classes. There are many families, which have only one phone for their more than one children and many times, their children are not able to complete their home due to the lack of electricity and poor connectivity of internet.

Central government must implement the guidelines strictly to prevent more damage to the health of our children and also devise an alternative method to complete their syllabus.

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