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Captain Amarinder today formally joined BJP: Punjab Deputy CM Randhawa

Captain Amarinder today formally joined BJP: Punjab Deputy CM Randhawa

CHANDIGARH: Captain Amarinder Singh has today formally joined the BJP. Informally and internally, he had joined the BJP long ago but today the former Chief Minister has let the cat out of the bag by announcing the formation of a new party and negotiating seats with the BJP.

This was stated by senior Congress leader and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa in a press statement released here today.

Randhawa further said that Captain Amarinder Singh had stabbed back not only the Congress party but also the farmers and all Punjabis who had been struggling for the last 11 months.

He said that Amarinder Singh had forgotten the sacrifices of the farmers who had lost their lives during the farmers’ struggle even before he joined the BJP.

The senior Congress leader divulged that the former CM has donned the colors of BJP as he is supporting the BJP government’s decision regarding BSF.

“He is openly supporting the decision to occupy half of Punjab, from which it is clear that he now has a vested interest”, said Randhawa adding with the politically suicidal step.

Captain Amarinder Singh is throwing his entire life’s earnings into the well. He said that even the arguments put forward by Captain Amarinder Singh could not justify his decision.

The argument put forward by the former CM that drones can come up to 30 km, then fighter jets and helicopters can come up to 200 km, does not hold ground. As Amarinder Singh began to appease his BJP bosses, he did not even think that the morale of his state’s police force, of which he had been Home Minister for nine-and-a-half years, would go down.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the Congress party had honored Captain Amarinder Singh to be the longest-serving Congress Chief Minister in Punjab. With the support of every single worker and supporter of the Congress party, Captain Amarinder Singh had won the heart of the entire country in 2014 by defeating BJP stalwart leader Arun Jaitley. But today Captain Amarinder Singh has stabbed the same Congress party in the back. He said that the former CM was making a statement like a defeated and greedy politician which the people of Punjab would not tolerate.

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