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Avalanche in Himachal Pradesh

Chilling Video of Avalanche in Himachal Pradesh; Tourists Rush To Escape

A chilling video is being widely shared online that captures the appalling scene of an avalanche. It has been taken at Tinku Nallah near Pooh, Himachal Pradesh in India.

The avalanche video was posted by IRS officer Naveed Trumboo to Twitter on Monday.

In the dramatic video, a huge chunk of snow can be seen sliding down the road while tourists recording the scene on their phones. As the avalanche continues, one man in the video can be heard in the shouting repeatedly, “Go back, go back.”

While some of the tourists continue to film the scene, others climbed back into their cars.

“Ever seen the force of a moving glacier in real-time?” asked Naveed while sharing the chilling video. “#ClimateChange is not a distant reality,” Naveed added.

Watch the video below –

The video has been garnered more than 80,000 views since being posted online. Some even commented about how amazing the video has been captured. While others disputed about Naveed’s claim that the video features a glacier.

“Glaciers are huge and move at a very slow rate…This is not a glacier,” wrote one person.

Besides, a number of Twitteraties criticized the tourists for filming the avalanche from so close.

On Saturday, the state disaster management authority (SDMA) issued an avalanche warning for several areas following heavy and widespread snowfall in Himachal Pradesh.

Avalanches may occur in Shimla, Kinnaur, Chamba, Kullu, Lahaul-Spiti districts on January 12 till 5 pm, said an SDMA official.

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