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Clean Politics, Need of Hour

Clean Politics, Need of Hour

The latest order of Supreme Court (SC) for the publication of details of candidates with a criminal background, has revived the dashed hopes of country residents to decriminalize country politics. Since order has come from the apex court, all are bound to follow it and in other words, the process to clean politics has started.

In the latest order, the SC has directed that all parties must publicise the details of their candidates with a criminal background on their respective party websites, social media handles and newspapers. Apart from it, the SC has also directed all parties to explain to all voters the reasons for the selection of criminals by ignoring the clean image candidates.

The entry of criminals has been a hot issue of debate and every time whenever there is an election in-country, the chorus for throwing criminals out of politics starts. But after elections, country residents are forced to elect criminal to raise their voice as all political parties continue to give tickets to criminals. Not a single party, state assembly, parliament and even house of Nagar council have been without criminals because politicians continue to shelter criminals for their vested interests.

Even in 2018 also  SC had directed for the enactment of a law to decriminalise politics, instructed candidates to fill in details of pending criminal cases against them in the form provided by EC. Apart from it, SC had also directed for the disclosure by parties of the background of the candidates on public platforms. But since various political parties have been attempting to weaken the 2018 order of SC to shelter their criminal leaders, SC had delivered another order to strengthen its earlier order.

Though BJP, Congress and other political parties have welcomed the decision of SC, but the country residents still doubt their sincerity. All political parties must implement the order to help the country by producing clean image leaders.

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