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Congress Refuses To Learn Lesson 

Congress Refuses To Learn Lesson 

Though after losing deposit at 67 seats, out of 70 in New Delhi assembly elections, Congress leaders have been trying to hide their extinction by saying that they have succeeded in keeping the BJP out of power, but the excuse is not taken well by residents and even its own leaders.

Congress has ruled New Delhi for three consecutive terms and it must have been the strongest party in the national capital. But the third consecutive defeat has raised serious questions whether it’s the end of congress in New Delhi or it may bounce back in future. There are various reasons for the debacle of congress and most important is the lack of leadership.

 The party has failed to see any president from non-Gandhi family despite repeated defeats in the state assembly and Parliament elections. In other parties, if there is any defeat, the president immediately resigns and his resignation is accepted immediately to revive the party. In congress also immediately after the defeat of the party in last parliament elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned, but surprisingly some congress leaders projected his resignation as a national loss and delayed the decision over his resignation.

In congress, some sycophants, who are sitting in the New Delhi office of congress, are not allowing the hard-working leaders,  take the reins of the party to put the party on track. The failure of a party to put in place a much-needed mechanism to get the feel of ground-level workers has repeatedly been causing damage to the party as senior leaders are running the party as per their wishes. There is enough evidence that whenever an election comes, the sharp division between state units and central leadership emerges as the sycophants do not allow the state unit leaders to have the hard-working leader as party candidates. Every time, it leads to delay in the finalization of candidates and many times, the Congress candidates had also announced to contest independently.

The party was restricted to 52 seats in last parliament elections, but still, it has not learnt any lesson and its leaders continue to ignore the reasons for defeat.

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