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Coronavirus Survivor in California Shares Shocking Before-and-After Pictures

A man from California has shared a shocking picture that show the effect of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 on his body.

Mike Schultz lost over 20 kgs during his six week stay at the hospital as he battled the disease.

The 43-year-old nurse from San Francisco shared two photos – one that was taken at the hospital and the other about a month before he fell sick.

“I wanted to show everyone how badly being sedated for 6 weeks on a ventilator or intubated can be. Amongst other things, covid19 reduced my lung capacity with pneumonia,” wrote Mike on Instagram while sharing the transformation pics.

“Over 8 weeks I’ve been away from family and friends Getting stronger everyday and working to increase my lung capacity. I’ll get back to where I was in healthier ways this time….maybe even do cardio,” added Mike.

According to reports, Schultz weighed 190 pounds or 86 kgs before he contracted coronavirus. His weight dropped to around 63 kgs as he battled the disease.

Now, Mike Schultz is on the road to recovery. He’s also planning to get his body back “in healthier ways this time”.

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