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Development Defeats Politics of Hate


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) scored a hattrick in New Delhi assembly elections and raised hopes that it may help country residents to see the end of politics of hate and division in coming elections also. The New Delhi elections were most venomous as almost all BJP leaders repeatedly crossed Lakshman Rekhas without even bothering about the restrictions of Election commission and every day the campaigning saw a new low. Though there are many reasons behind the success of AAP, but there are some main reasons like past elections, this time also BJP leaders committed a blunder of personally attacking Arvind Kejriwal, helping him further gaining ground. The slow pace of preparations of BJP for elections is another reason while AAP undertook all preparations at a fast pace. The failure of BJP in announcing the CM candidate is another major reason for the defeat of BJP as due to lack of CM face, the fight again became PM Narendra Modi Vs Kejriwal. The direct fight between Modi-Kejriwal helped later as he mainly concentrated on his developmental works while the team of Modi, repeatedly delivered hate speeches, causing more annoyance among voters. Apart from it, the free electricity facility, other freebies and the installation of CCTVs fetched votes for AAP. The overconfidence of BJP leaders to repeat the success of 2019 Member Parliament elections, is also another big reason for their defeat as they failed to connect to the feelings of voters. BJP leaders left no stone unturned to utilize their Citizenship Amendment Act and other latest decisions to convince Hindus to vote. But the negative campaign of the party has been rejected again this time. “Goli Maro” like slogans must have been avoided by BJP leaders as there are 14 per cent, Muslim voters, in New Delhi. Muslims have a tendency to vote in bulk and this time also same happened as all even those, who earlier voted for congress, voted for AAP. New Delhi voters have set an example by rejecting the politics of hate and voters of other states can take a cue from them in coming elections. Get Breaking news and Latest News from India and around the world on GlobalPunjabTV.net. 

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