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Different parties, but same story

At the time of medical emergency in country, the ruling party politicians of both Punjab and Haryana have been milking the grave situation for their political mileage by pasting their photos on relief material . The latest blunder of Congress party Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh, his Haryana counterpart and BJP party CM Manohar Lal Khattar is really unfortunate and show their real publicity-hungry face.

Worse, the publication of their photos has delayed the distribution of sanitizers and other material in both states because the owners of distilleries were unwilling as they feared backlash from opposition parties. But the authorities of both states pressurized the owners and threatened them that without photos, there will not be any payment of material.

Political opponents of both CMs have been making the photos of material viral on social media with various negative comments. Opposition leaders have been demanding the withdrawal of photos as they say that material is being distributed during emergency and its not a special scheme or brainchild of both CMs for allowing them credit.

In Punjab, government authorities have prepared around 15 lakh bags and each bag contains 10kg wheat flour, 2kg dal (lentils) and 2kg sugar while in total state government has spent total Rs 70 crore. Similarly in Haryana also government has spent crores to prepare bags.

But since all money has been spent by government, both CMs and their politicians do not have any right to claim as it’s their own personal contribution by pasting their photos. If they want to take credit, they must have contributed from their personal funds.

Both CMs must have pasted the photos of their respective governments, which are working round the clock to ensure the supply, rather than taking all credit individually.

Seeing their CMs running for publicity, their ministers have also been adopting biased attitude and there are report that in both state that the supporters of ruling parties are getting required ration while supporters of opposition parties are being ignored.

Being the heads of governments, both CMs should set example by leading from the front without any bias to prevent the things from taking an ugly turn in coming days.

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