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‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ If Film is good as Trailer It’s Gold

Today, the trailer of most awaited film of this year, ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ was released by Parmish Verma and his associates. The trailer depicts the story of a Punjabi student who goes to foreign land in the search of money, opportunity and his own identity. Unlike most of the previous NRI centric movies, this movie is unorthodox in this manner. Leading role in the movie is played by, Parmish himself. While, the female lead is played by all gorgeous Wamiqa Gabba, who in fairness has done quality acting, Permish after an average first movie, Rocky Mental, it seems has improved a lot, in the acting section. Wamiqa and Verma is coming together onscreen for the very first time, and their chemistry feels awesome, as depicted from the first look. If the movie is as good as the trailer is, we surely are up for a huge surprise and adventure, this exciting movie is releasing on 3rd of April, when another exhilarating Punjabi movie is releasing, making it one of those rare events when Punjabi movies are clashing. Now Comparison: Where Dil Diyan Gallan’s setup is based on current scenario and the film is shot showing current times, Blackia’s time period is depicted as of the mid 19th century, the clothing line, the hairstyles and the color scheme, all illustrates modern time. Blackia’s trailer when first seen gives the impression of somewhat similar to Ajay Devgn and Emraan Hashmi’s cult classic, “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai”. Some scenes from Blackia’s trailer and Once upon a time in Mumbai are quite similar, even the main theme music is somewhat identical. Nonetheless, epic dialogues, Rohit Shetty styled, super macho fighting scenes, and Dev Khraoud’s established image of a gangster from his previous movies, could attract a masses. On the other end, Parmish’s Dil Diyan Gallan is all about the people on which any film and its focus is zoomed at, student life. In the trailer Permish is shown as a student who is at some foreign land, the location is not reveled in the trailer, he meets a girl, who is a social media star they fall in love, but due to some reasons gets engaged with another person. Both trailers are promising and both movies can do better on box office, but the question is, which one, exactly will? Here is the trailer by the by:

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