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Double standard of SGPC chief

Double standard of SGPC chief

At a time when Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has not allowed the police to probe the case of missing 267 saroops, the participation of its president Gobind Singh Longowal in Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) week-long protest against the theft of a Saroop of the Guru Granth Sahib from Ardaspura Sahib Gurudwara near Moti Mohal residence of the chief minister, has exposed the double standard of SGPC chief and his team.

While addressing the SAD protest at Patiala, the SPGC president said that its shocking police have failed to trace the historic sarup stolen many days back. He also criticized Punjab CM for failing to pull up the police.

The SGPC Longowal has been known as the puppet of Badals since his appointment.  Despite being appointed as SGPC chief, he continues to work as a member of SAD and bow before the decisions of Badals, who have always appointed a man of their choice as SGPC chief.

Though when media asked SGPC that why no protests have been organized for other Saroops, which went missing in 2016, the reply of SGPC chief that “he was not the president when theft took place”, is unacceptable as since his appointment, he has been working hard only to hide the disappearance of holy books at the directions of his political bosses.

His another comment that the Amritsar probe is different from Patiala is also unacceptable as both thefts have been related to Saroops and both have also taken place in Punjab state and both districts have been under the command of same government.

The attempt of SGPC chief to project both thefts different has not found favors as Sikhs   have started raising questions about the working of SGPC and its chief, who have come in the open to defend Badals.

Since Saroops from  Amritsar went missing in 2016 when Badals were in power, SGPC chief has been trying  to distance himself from that act, but trying to make the theft of Patiala, took place during congress tenure, a  big issue have further eroded the respect of his position as both incidents are unacceptable .

SGPC chief and his team must take sincere efforts to improve their functioning to prevent further flak from Sikh Panth.

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