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Drug smuggling goes on unabated

Drug smuggling goes on unabated

Amid claims of both central and Punjab government authorities to contain cross border narco-terror, smugglers are pushing their huge consignments of drugs even during the lockdown. Many see it as the failure of both governments while there are many, who have started raising fingers at the employees of security agencies.

The latest seizure of 65 kg heroin from Ravi has once again confirmed that cross border smuggling has been thriving without any problems. The latest consignment of hundreds of crores has come after a year of seizure of 500 kg of heroin from Attari border check post.

But even before Attari seizure, many big consignments had been seized by various authorities of Border Security Force, Punjab police and security agencies, but the majority of cases have failed to see any strict punishment to smugglers for reasons best known to concern senior officers. The failure of Indian authorities has cost dearly to its residents as it has allowed the developing of a big nexus between officers-smugglers at the international level, further multiplying the problems of residents.

Being a border state, Punjab is worst affected as drug addiction has reached at an all-time high in this state while things have taken a worse turn in many border districts like Tartarn, Amritsar Sahib, and Gurdaspur. The involvement of politicians of all parties has given shelter to smugglers and many honest police officers are not able to take required action against smugglers despite having required evidence. The drug addiction has been spreading to other states also as Punjab has become the main transit point of drugs.

Despite things reaching an alarming point, concern authorities have failed to show their seriousness by taking strict action.

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