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Farmers adamant, problems multiplying

Farmers adamant, problems multiplying

The indefinite agitation of farmers has started creating problems for state residents, who have no role in passing the latest Farm Acts. But ironically the agitation has failed to create even a minor problem for those, who are responsible for Farm Acts and are sitting in New Delhi. The adamancy of farmers to talk to only PM Narendra Modi and his ministers has further complicated the things as they have rejected the offer of senior officers of union agriculture ministry to discuss the Acts.

Major problems including shortage of essential commodities like fertilizers, power and others loom large over Punjab because farmers are sitting on various rail tracks, affecting transportation of various goods through trains.  The most serious is the shortage of coal. From last around 19 days, Punjab has not received the supply of any coal as farmers are not allowing any goods train in Punjab. The power department has already brought the problem into the notice of Punjab CM. presently thermal plants of Punjab have coal stock for five days. If farmers do not allow the rail services in state immediately, Punjab will plunge into dark next week.

The farmers under the banner of various organizations have announced to continue their ‘rail roko’ agitation against the three agriculture laws till the central government does withdraw all Acts. Even the appeal of Punjab  Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to farmers to ease the blockade to allow goods trains to pass through the state has failed to pacify farmers.

Punjab farmers have all rights to protest against injustice, but they must also understand that they do not have any right to create problems for their own state residents, who are supporting their agitation against Acts. Farmers should show sanity and at least allow the transportation of essential commodities to state and also prepare their plan to discuss their demands with the central government.

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