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Four Airport Employees Fired Over Tik Tok Viral Video

FRESNO: Four former employees were fired from the job as ramp agents at Fresno Yosemite International Airport after posting this video on Tik Tok.

Watch the video below –

Tommy Chan and three other ramp agents decided to shoot the video toward the end of their shift at the airport.

“We were done with work, we had 30 minutes left, we were like let’s make a video, whatever,” said Chan.

The video was posted on popular social media app TikTok on January 24. It went viral quickly and caught the attention of airport officials, who deemed it “inappropriate.”

However, the employees say that they never got a clear reason for the termination.

“We heard from our bosses after our video hit about like 300,000 views, and so we had got the attention of a lot of people apparently, and I guess that they didn’t like that,” said another worker, Dannon Kredo.

Kredo added that he has no regrets about making the now-viral sensation, which has so far gained over 45,000 likes on TikTok.

The California airport released the following statement addressing the incident:

“In the video, the employees’ inappropriate behaviour in the work environment displays poor judgment and does not reflect the conduct expected of individuals working at FAT.

The company employing these individuals has taken corrective action concerning the parties involved, as well as instructed the removal of the unauthorized video from social media.  FAT is working with the company to retrain its staff on appropriate behaviour and to prevent these types of events in the future.”

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