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Captain Govt should get ready to face music if fails to take action in next 10 days: Harpal Cheema

Govt should make smart cards for millions of needy poor victims of discrimination: AAP

CHANDIGARH: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has accused the Amarinder Singh government of Congressization of the Smart Ration Card Scheme launched under the National Food Security Act and depriving millions of needy poor of this benefit.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters, Leader of the Opposition Harpal Singh Cheema and Deputy Leader Bibi Sarabjit Kaur Manuke said that the Amarinder Singh government had gone steps ahead of the Badals in taking political advantage of the poor. He said that Amarinder Singh was in the same race as Badal used to tease the poor by pasting his picture on blue cards. Raja Sahib had earlier affixed his photograph on food bags while enacting drama of distributing rations to the poor during the corona epidemic and now he has got affixed his photograph on smart ration cards.

Harpal Singh Cheema said, “your photograph will not help the government in winning the hearts of the poor and needy because your photo anywhere irritates the farmers, laborers, traders, unemployed, elderly, especially the poor-dalits that how this deceitful ‘Raja’ befooled everyone in 2017 with lucrative false promises? ”

Harpal Singh Cheema said that just as the people of Punjab and the needy poor-dalits had earlier downplayed the Badals who had pasted their picture on blue cards and bicycles of schoolgirls, in 2022 the situation of Congress and Captain would be even worse.

Harpal Singh Cheema and Sarabjit Kaur Manuke said that there should be a complete ban on pasting pictures of any individual on government schemes. Such a deceptive move by the government not only annoys the beneficiaries but also puts an additional burden on the exchequer. The AAP leaders raised the question of the kind of war that has erupted in the Congress, if Amarinder Singh is sacked and another congressman is appointed CM, will he again distribute the cards by changing the photo?

The AAP leaders demanded that smart ration cards should be issued immediately without any discrimination to the millions of needy dalits and the poor who were deprived of the ration card scheme due to the biased attitude of the Congressmen.

Harpal Singh Cheema and Bibi Manuke said that if the Congress government had fulfilled all the election promises like the Kejriwal government in Delhi, the Raja would not have felt the need of affixing his photo on the smart cards nor  such a large population of Punjab would have required to depend upon this Government Ration Scheme.

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