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Imran: "If Our Land Is Used For violence, They're Our Enemy Too "

In the lights of latest Pulwama attack, Indian Media and some brain dead individuals are pressurizing India for starting a war with Pakistan, for their alleged involvement in the case. After being mum for five days in  row even when they were called out time and again for planning the Pulwama attack, today finally the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan in a press conference defended his country and explained why Pak couldn’t possibly have planned this attack. Imran Khan said, “At first, you have accused us without any proof at all. The visit of the Saudi Arab princes to Pakistan was so important, how could we have make an attack when Pakistan is moving towards economic strength?” Khan argued that Pakistan has nothing to gain from attacking the country of Pakistan. “If you have to do this every time, you will keep doing it over and over again,” squabbled Khan. “I have said so many times that it is a new Pakistan. Pakistan itself is distressed by the terrorists,” said the Pakistani Prime Minister inviting India for a dialogue on Kashmir issue. He said, “I am offering you to come and check that if anyone is using Pakistan land for spreading terrorism, then he is an enemy to us.” In the end referring to the malicious news in Indian media Imran warned India  “If you think that Pakistan will attack, then will Pakistan think? Pakistan will not answer.” So, now shall we get ready for the war?

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