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Indians jailed in Dubai

Indian Man Tortures, Cut Eye & Starves His Mother To Death- Dubai

An Indian 29-year-old man and his 28-year-old wife are on trial in a court with physically assaulting and starving the man’s mother to death. The Court of First Instance heard that both Indian repeatedly tortured the man’s mother inside their residence in Al Ghusais. In the rage of torturing the elderly women they cut her right eye iris out and part of her other eye. According to Dubai Court of First Instance, the duo tortured the victim from July 2018, until her death in October 2018. Reports say that the case was exposed by the couple’s 54-year-old neighbor. The Indian neighbor who brought the brutal act into light, testified in court that she met the wife in the building and she had told her that her mother-in-law had come from India to look after their daughter and added that she neglected the child and wasn’t changing the girl’s nappies, which caused their daughter to become ill. About 3 days later, the witness spotted an elderly woman lying down in her neighbours’ balcony. “That woman was almost naked with apparent burn marks on her body. I informed the security guard,” she said. Further the witness knocked on the couple’s door and found the women lying on floor in critical condition. The witness then called the ambulance and claimed that her son’s actions were quite odd as she said, “The defendant remained in the flat and did not go with his mother. I told the paramedics he should go along. He went later after they talked him into it.” A case was registered at Al Qusais police station; the couple denied the charges, where on the other hand the forensic doctor said that the elderly woman weighed just 29 kg at the time of her death and suffered multiple burns and broken bones as result of sustained torture and physical assault. . The paramedic told Dubai Public Prosecution, that the man was looking from far and didn’t even walk his mother to the ambulance. According to a hospital certificate, the woman died on October 31, 2018 and the trial has been adjourned until July 3.

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