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Indian-Origin Student Creates Sanitiser Robot in Dubai

Indian-Origin Student Creates Sanitiser Robot in Dubai

DUBAI: Inspired by the motto “stay safe and be clean” amid COVID-19 scare, an Indian-origin student in Dubai has created a robot that dispenses sanitisers detecting a hand from a range of 30cm.

Siddh Sanghvi, who is a Grade 7 student of Spring Dales Schools in Dubai, said, “Washing hands from a robotic hand sanitiser can be super fun.”

The young Indian Expat believes that the robotic hand sanitiser will not only take a person’s mind off from the Covid-19 pandemic panic but will also intrigue them to dig deeper.

Sanghvi said, “My mother showed me a video where people were touching the hand sanitiser’s bottle to wash hands and getting infected. But this defeats the purpose because coronavirus can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces.”

“So, I thought why not create something using the STEM technology, where the machine can dispense the sanitiser automatically, without bringing your hand in contact”, the Khaleej Times report quoted the young inventor.

“It’s important that kids are aware of how Artificial Intelligence can be used in real-life applications,” Sanghvi, who has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence added.

As of March 21, 2020, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has 140 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with two deaths.

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