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Italy Another Punjab-origin Satnam SinghmanKilled In Fatal Road Accident: Italy

Another Punjab-origin Satnam Singh Killed In Fatal Road Accident: Italy

Punjab-origin man Satnam Singh (50) lost his life in a road accident in Italy.

Torrential rains and flooding have put many lives in trouble in Italy. Recently, a woman from Indian descent died in Cremona city in Italy after she lost the balance of her vehicle due to bad weather conditions.

After that, a Sikh man Pavitr Singh was found dead on road near Borgo Vodice, Terracina in Province of Latina city.

Where the community was already mourning over the ones they lost, another news of road accident has traumatized the community.

Punjab-origin man Satnam Singh (50) lost his life in a road accident.

According to the information, deceased Satnam Singh, who belonged to Khadur Sahib Tahsil, Tarn Taran, Punjab, India, and now lived in Fondi, a city and comune in the province of Latina, Lazio, central Italy.

As per reports, early morning on Nov 28 Satnam was riding his bicycle to visit gurdwara, when over speeding vehicle allegedly hit him from the back of his bicycle.

After being hit, Satnam’s cycle rammed into a pole, while his head bumped with the pole and started bleeding excessively.

Immediately upon receiving the information of the accident, the local police took injured Satnam Singh to a local hospital.

Later, because of his serious condition, Satnam was referred to Latina Hospital.

Satnam Singh died at 9 am this morning after failing to recover from his injuries.

Deceased Satnam Singh came to Italy 13 years ago to eradicate poverty problems.

 Satnam is survived by his two kids and wife.

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