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Delhi elections: Its Development Vs Divisive Politics

Its Development Vs Divisive Politics

After curtains fallen on the campaigning in Delhi, all are eagerly waiting for election day to exercise their franchise. The Delhi elections have come at the time when the country is passing through a tough time due to the passing of CAA, the biased used of sedition laws and other issues. But still, politicians of all parties including AAP, Congress and BJP failed to show the maturity to prove their sincerity.

The AAP, which won 67 seats in the 2015 assembly polls, mainly focused to highlight the developmental works it has undertaken during its tenure. Its leaders shared the improvements in the government health system, education system, electricity supply and water supply and improvement in other facilities. Even its CM Arvind Kejriwal avoided making any hate speech and controversial remarks against any leader of his opponents.

In contrast to AAP, BJP leaders delivered repeated hate speeches, used filthy language and even called AAP leaders as anti-nation elements. Many BJP leaders including its central minister were banned from campaigning in New Delhi due to their controversial remarks while congress seems irrelevant.

Though AAP has announced Kejriwal as its CM candidate, BJP has been contesting the election without making any announcement about the face of its CM candidate and all BJP leaders have been seeking votes with the help of charisma of PM Narendra Modi. It has made the elections personality-driven and a direct contest between Kejriwal and Modi is going on. After winning all seven Member parliament seats, by huge margins, BJP leaders have been claiming that they would win the New Delhi assembly elections also with a huge margin.

New Delhi has a large number of voters, who have settled there from other states and its voters present the mood of almost all country. Politicians strongly believe that the result of New Delhi assembly elections will reflect the mood of voters from various states of the country.

Though whether it goes against BJP or in its favour, but it will not have any immediate adverse impact as central BJP government has been formed last year. But yet if BJP loses, it will form negative perception against BJP central government also and its leaders will find it hard to explain the reasons for their defeat. On the other hand, if AAP wins, it can help the party in building strong pitch for forthcoming assembly elections of various states.

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