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Know About Some Best Teas For Headaches

Know About Some Best Teas For Headaches

If you suffer from headaches, you’re not alone.

And instead of taking a number of different medications, there is a natural way to deal with headaches.

Fortunately, drinking a warm cup of tea may provide some relief from the throbbing, distracting pain in your head.


Studies show that ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that help to decrease tension and reduce inflammation-caused pain.


Studies show that drinking chamomile tea may help to improve sleep quality by increasing the time spent in deep sleep cycles. Chamomile also offers a natural sedative effect that reduces inflammation and increases relaxation.


Research shows that peppermint tea boasts active ingredients including phenols and flavonoids that work to decrease inflammation and treat headache pain.


A review of the health benefits of feverfew found it helped alleviate pain associated with headaches, arthritis, and stomach aches, Research shows the feverfew works on a chemical level to inhibit the release of serotonin and other compounds that can trigger headaches.


Studies show that cloves are just as effective as benzocaine in oral procedures. Drinking clove tea may also help relieve migraines thanks to the same pain properties.

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