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Complete lockdown in 30 states, UTs across India amidst COVID-19

Lockdown works, but worst ahead

Amid rising fears of spread of Covid 19 across country, the first analysis of official data indicates things may take positive turn in India in coming days , if residents cooperate fully during present lockdown to defeat Coronavirus. But still, we can not take it lightly because coming days are more crucial than past. As per official figures of ministry of health and family welfare, till Monday evening the number of Covid-19 cases has increased at a slow pace from 100 to 1,000 during last 12 days. It all has been happening despite country lacks basic amenities like required number of doctors, paramedical staff, medical equipments, testing kits, sanitizers and much needed medicines. Health department officials say that country has succeeded in containing the spread with social-distancing only, which has been made compulsory by both central and state governments by imposing curfew. On the other hand, the Covid-19 cases in other developed countries have seen rise from 3,500 and 8,000 in the same time despite the fact that developed countries have almost all facilities. The death toll of United States (US) has been thousands. Similarly in other countries like Canada, Italy and others the number of Covid-19 cases has been increasing sharply , causing deaths. Almost all developed countries failed to impose social distancing and their citizens continued to enjoy social gatherings at various places like shopping malls, parks, night clubs etc, leading to sharp rise of cases. Developed countries failed to fathom the gravity of situation and they imposed restrictions on the movement of citizens after things took worse turn. But since Indian government authorities have been trying to control Covid-19 from its first stage in country, its spread is slow here than other countries . In coming days country will move , as per the wishes of residents. If they want to save country from Covid-19 disaster, they should stay indoors. Otherwise, things will take worst turn.

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