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Punjab Youngsters: Mass Exodus, A Grave Concern

Punjab Youngsters: Mass Exodus, A Grave Concern

The sense of insecurity inculcated among our youngsters has fuelled the mass exodus of our students to other countries. The universities and colleges across Punjab have been seeing a massive decline in the enrolment of new students despite various steps by concern authorities to improve the strength of their students.

GNDU has witnessed a 15 %  drop in admission as the number of its students decreased from  1,43,000 in 2016-17 to 1,21,000 in 2018-19.  The  Panjab University has seen an around 11 per cent decline from  2,10,000 students enrolled in 2016-17,  to  1,86,000 students in 2018-19. The numbers of students of Punjabi University Patiala decreased at a rate of   5 %  from 69,000 in 2016-17 to 65000 in 2018-19.

The number of drug addicts has been increasing in the state as Punjab government has failed to control the supply of drugs. The deaths with drug-overdose have been happening at a fast pace while smugglers have been killing the persons, who have been daring to take steps against them.

Apart from drug supply, the law and order situation of state has been going bad to worse as gang wars have increased in Punjab despite the arrest of various Gangsters. Though Punjab government has been claiming that it had arrested the majority of gangsters and put them behind bars, there are various videos on social media, which have been proving again and again that gangsters have been running their gangs from jails and creating problems for state residents.

To get votes, Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh before last assembly elections had claimed that he would provide a job to every house in Punjab.

But three years after the formation of his government, state youngsters are still waiting for jobs. The lack of jobs has been pushing youngsters towards drugs and crime of the world. The lack of holding is shrinking as indebted farmers have been selling their lands to repay their debt.

The failure of the state government on all fronts has left no option in front of Punjab youngsters, but they are compelled to leave their country for a secure future, though with a heavy heart.

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