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Misuse of UAPA reveals dictatorial attitude of BJP government: Bibi Jagir Kaur

Misuse of UAPA reveals dictatorial attitude of BJP government: Bibi Jagir Kaur

AMRITSAR: Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) president Bibi Jagir Kaur has strongly condemned the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government’s use of clumsy tactics to stifle the voice of farmers protesting against the black agriculture laws meant to destroy the peasantry.

Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “The issuance of notices to the farmers and those involved in the Kisan Sangharsh (farmers’ agitation) is a manifestation of the dictatorial policy of the government by misusing the UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act) law to suppress the people associated with the agitation. The farmers of the country are fighting for their existence but the government of the country is misusing the government machinery to suppress the voice of truth and justice which is not tolerable.”

While asking the Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi, Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “If anyone opposes the atrocities and injustice done to him, is he anti-national? Is worrying for one’s future generations and fighting for one’s rights a divisive act?”

The SGPC president said that the Modi government is destroying democracy with its ego and pride instead of seriously considering the rightful demands of the farmers.

“The attitude of the government towards the minorities in particular is repressive. The intention of the government should be to protect the interests of the people and not to pursue its own stubbornness”, said Bibi Jagir Kaur.

Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “The Kisan Sangharsh is going on peacefully but the BJP government is deliberately trying to tarnish it with its influence. The government is using every means to provoke the people. Part of this is the NIA’s attack on the farmers’  agitation under the UAPA.”

She said that this attitude of the government proved that the BJP government of the country has become a dictator which is a major threat to the Constitution of India.

Bibi Jagir Kaur said, “BJP government is constantly abusing government agencies by violating the constitution. The Prime Minister of the country should listen to the demands of the farmers through his agencies and resolve the issue by implementing them, but the government is pursuing a policy of suppressing the voice of the people.”

The SGPC president advised the PM that it was a matter of greatness to accept any wrong decision and the government should also accept any wrong decision taken with regard to the farmers. She said that misuse of UAPA should be stopped immediately and notices issued by NIA should be withdrawn.

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