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Nation comes together

The massive response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call to stay home on Sunday between 7 am and 9pm to fight the rapidly-spreading coronavirus has confirmed, country residents are well aware about the gravity of unfolding situation. Since social distancing can help greatly in reducing the risk of spread of deadly disease , all must support such initiatives in coming days also and try to impose “Janta curfew (People’s curfew) , which means Janta curfew for the people and by the people, for some more days to kill the virus.

Coronavirus cases in India, have been increasing sharply with various states detecting more positive cases daily. At international level, the number of deaths and positive cases have also been increasing sharply. Till date even United States has been struggling to contain the spread of disease and has banned all entry and exit points and directed its residents to stay indoor to avoid social contact with other resident to prevent the spread of infection.

Similarly in Canada and other countries, things are taking worse turn despite the countries having required resources , but the lack of any medicine has been creating serious problems.

Indian government has been taking required steps like on Sunday it has shut all railway, metro and interstate bus services immediately. After failing to contain the spread of virus despite taking numerous efforts, many Indian states have ordered complete shutdown and only essential services will operate.

Even without any medicine the spread of infection can be controlled by avoiding social contact and our PM has requested for the same to fight the disease. Residents can have differences on personal or political level, but things in country have reached to such an alarming level that all need to get united to fight the upsurge in the cases of Coronavirus and all should fight unitedly against virus. Residents should keep in their minds that first we are citizens of country and then comes our political affiliations, which may be with BJP, congress, BSP, AAP or with any other party. Its our moral responsibility to contribute to save country from Coronavirus like disaster .

Hopefully the unity shown by residents on Sunday in supporting the Janta Curfew, will continue in coming days also , to main social distancing to kill Coronavirus.

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