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Need Single set of rules

Need Single set of rules

The confusion over the restarting of domestic air travel has multiplied the problems of residents, who were expecting smooth travel. The failure of the central government in bringing any uniform policy has further crippled the aviation sector as almost all states have devised their own protocol for air travellers.

Many states have preferred to seek covid-negative certificate while others want to keep a tab on the contacts of each passenger, which is unrealistic.  Since it was chaos and majority of travellers got to know about the cancellation of their flights after reaching on airports, around 300 flights were cancelled in Banglore, Mumbai and Delhi.

If the number of patients of covid-19 is any indication, things will take a worse turn in the coming days.  Two days back, the country witnessed  6,370 new Covid-19 cases,  which was the highest single-day jump in cases. On Monday, the death toll of the country has crossed the figure of 4000 and the active cases have also increased at a large number.  In the total country has witnessed 1.29 lakh Covid-19 cases, raising a question about the efficiency of authorities.

In many areas since travellers are still facing problems, authorities should devise a single set of rules for all air travel across India to prevent more problem. The fear of Covid cases is not unfounded, but state governments should not have all the rights to take final decisions on issues, which are affecting the country on the national level.  Though states have their own rights and the central government is bound to take care of states, but both state and central governments should shun their political differences for the welfare of the country in this hour of crisis.

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