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US, UN Condemns Terror Attack On Sikh Gurdwara In Afghanistan

New Jersey Sikh Gurdwara Council Condemns Kabul Gurdwara Attack That Killed Dozens

NEW JERSEY: New Jersey Sikh Gurdwara Council (NJSGC) strongly condemns the attack on Sikh Gurdwara in Kabul (Afghanistan) that claimed the lives of more than two dozen people.

More than 25 members of Kabul Gurdwara congregation were killed when unknown gunmen attacked the Gurdwara disguised as policemen. Innocent men, women and children were massacred in their place of worship.

The Kabul Gurdwara was not a place of worship, but it had also become a place of refuge for the Sikh community in Afghanistan, which has been under attack for the last 40 years due to their faith.

The Sikhs of Afghanistan have shown themselves to be integrally involved members of the Afghan community while also being resilient and brave in adherence to their faith. They have steadfastly stood against the tyranny and hate espoused some fringe groups in Afghanistan.

In this case, the Islamic Group claimed responsibility for the attack on the Gurdwara and innocent Sikhs.

NJSGC, along with SikhSangat (congregations) of New Jersey, share in the grief of fellow Afghan Sikhs at this difficult time.

In a statement, New Jersey Sikh Gurdwara Council said, “We would request everyone to stand behind grieving families and support them. All Sikh organizations around the world should condemn this horrible attack on our brethren and provide financial, moral, and spiritual support to the Afghan Sikh community. We urge the international community, the United Nations and NATO, to work with the government of Afghanistan to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable minority communities in Afghanistan. We request the US government to provide immediate help to victims of this tragedy and encourage the Afghan government, which is supported by American funds and troops, to provide additional security to the Sikhs of Afghanistan, as well as to other minorities.

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