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Nutrition Benefits of Almond Milk

Nutrition Benefits of Almond Milk

Here’s why almond milk is a great option to have on hand. 

  • What Is Almond Milk?

Almond milk is made by blending almonds with water, then straining. Most of the vitamins and minerals from the almonds remain – think of it as similar to juicing your greens!

  • Nutrition of Almond Milk

Low in calories

Low in sugar

High in protein, vitamin E and magnesium

  • Almond Milk vs. Dairy Milk


  • Often loaded with hormones
  • Pasteurized with high heat, which destroys any beneficial probiotics
  • Contains allergy-producing lactose and casein
  • Higher in calories


  • Free from hormones
  • No pasteurization necessary
  • No allergy-causing proteins
  • Fortified with extra calcium


  1. Fights Aging
  2. Keeps Your Brain Healthy
  3. Helps Control Blood Sugar and Prevent Diabetes
  4. May Help Prevent Cancer
  5. Improves Cholesterol
  6. It Can Help You Lose Weight

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