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Online school exams, a mockery  

Online school exams, a mockery  

The efforts of Punjab government to compensate for the loss of study due to present lockdown after the spread of Covid-19 seems to have made the mockery of all exam system. The lack of any supervision over students during online exams will definitely impact the calibre of students as the majority are resorting to unfair means during exams.

For an online exam, all teachers delivered question papers to each student through various Whatsapp groups formed by school authorities. But the checking of answer sheets shows that there are many students who have copied all answers while even weakest students have done complete papers.

There are also allegations that some teachers did not collect the answer sheets of on time to show their results better despite strict directions from authorities.

There is ample evidence that students of various classes from Primary to higher secondary classes of Punjab government and private schools have been using unfair means. Many have copied the answer from books while other have taken the help of their parents and there are even many whose exams were done by their parents, who are posted as teachers.

Apart from the government, teachers and parents are also at equal fault for not following the mandatory guidelines to ensure transparency in the online exam. No doubt, online exams are must to check the study level of students, but government authorities first make required arrangements to ensure transparency.

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