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Ontario Government cuts free tuition fees for low-income students

The free tuition ride is over but universities and Colleges are about to get a little less expensive for students who have to bear the full cost of tuition. The Ontario Government on Friday announced that it was slashing tuition fees by 10% starting next year. But bundled in that good news announcement was news of reforms to Ontario’s students loans and grant programs. Grants that are one time allowed up to one in four Ontario students to go to school tuition free. Training, Colleges and Universities Minister Merrliee Fullerton said, “Instead of using OSAP to subsidize tuition hikes, we will focus our resources on the students in greatest need.” The OSAP tuition grants was introduced by the liberals in 2016 which allowed students from families earning less than $50,000 a year to attend school for free will now be combined with loans. Students whose families earn more than $145,000 a year will no longer be eligible for those grants. “Under the current program, students from higher income families were receiving grants just for applying not because they had demonstrated need,” said Merrliee. Merrliee added that colleges and universities will be expected to absorb the loss in revenue. A 10% tuition cut would take about $80 million from colleges and $360 million away from universities. (Harleen Sandhu)

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