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Punjab Police need upgradation

Punjab Police need upgradation

Despite claims of spending crores to equip Punjab police with the latest gadgets, it still seems to be a distant dream while the fact that drug smugglers have started using drones on Indo-Pak border near Amritsar, must be a cause of worry for concern authorities. Being a border state, Punjab cannot afford to have incapable police force as it has been proved time and again that state has been serving as an entry point for Pakistan based smugglers to smuggle various drugs like Heroin to many states of India.

After busting a gang of drug smugglers, who used drones on Indo-Pakistan border, Punjab police has been patting its back, but it cannot wash its off the fact that such arrests have again confirmed that smugglers are continuing to use latest gadgets while Punjab police still have old techniques like beefing up security or increasing patrolling.

In many districts, Punjab cops have been without the required number of alcohol meters while many big offices across various districts, still do not have required scanners to prevent miscreants from entering into buildings. There are many districts, where cops are still even without basic facilities like proper buildings, transportation sources and the required number of vehicles.

In many districts, police stations are still being run from the Panchayat houses or buildings from other departments and at many places, cops are facing court cases from the owners of buildings. Many pictures of cops pushing their faulty vehicles have also been going viral on social media.

The repeated arrests of many big smugglers have exposed that they had all required latest vehicles, other gadgets and weapons. The quality of seized weapons from smugglers is much better than of cops while the communication gadgets have also been of the highest quality with smugglers.

The sharp increase in smuggling from Pakistan side must set the alarm bells ringing for government and it must provide all facilities to Punjab police to scuttle the nefarious designs of smugglers.

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