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Post Holi, relieve your skin with these life-saving hacks

Post Holi, relieve your skin with these life-saving hacks

NEW DELHI: While the festival of Holi and time for jubilation is here, it is also the time to ensure that the festive cheer does not make your skin any harm.

As much as people love to play Holi, one can’t forget the ill effects caused by the blatant use of artificial colors made with the help of chemical solvents and toxic agents.

The application of varied adulterated colors during Holi – dry, wet, or greasy – can damage our skin. So what really can you do here? Follow some simple skincare tips and tricks!

Post Holi, it is common for people to experience a skin rash, irritation, pimples, break-out, and more skin problems. Generally, people settle for bestselling products in the market to fight such skin issues. But battling the damage caused by chemicals by applying more chemicals is not a good idea. Here is what you can do to protect your skin in the right way.

Here is a Holi skincare routine that you can follow to let your skin glow after the festival of colors is over:

1. In the days leading up to Holi, you can use 100 percent natural Gulabjal (rose water) on your face just before sleeping. It will help calm your skin and remove impurities.

2. Apply a natural face mask or clay mask to cover your pores and wear down any existing acne. You can also make these masks at home with a combination of natural ingredients such as cucumber, tomato, and curd. These packs will not only soothe your skin but will also help to keep skin issues at bay.

3.  You should go for face masks comprising ingredients like honey and oatmeals mask to maximize their benefits.

4. At least an hour before playing with colors, you must apply a natural oil, preferably virgin coconut oil or Argan oil. Chances are your skin will absorb the oil basis its moisture requirement.

5. If you feel you need to apply more oil to protect the skin, do that before playing Holi.

6. Try to wear full sleeve clothes to avoid exposure to colors.

7. After you are done with the fun and fervor, do not rush to wash off the colors.

8. Use a damp cotton cloth to gently rub and remove colors first and then prefer to bath. We recommend you use herbal soaps and shower gels to eliminate impurities naturally.

Chances are you may still be able to see some faint colors hugging your skin but fret not, we still got your back!

Apply natural oil and massage the area gently for 10-15 mins and wash off. Repeat it until the colors are completely gone.

To make your skin feel healthy again, apply rose water before sleeping, just as you did before Holi.

Use natural face masks to restore moisture and follow it up with a moisturiser of your choice to get clean and hydrated skin.

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