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Punjab Bandh proves unity  

Punjab Bandh proves unity  

Its first time ever in the history that all farmer unions, Arhtiyas, labourers, shopkeepers, employees unions and all sections of society have come together to fight against the farm bills. The one day Punjab Bandh received full support from across Punjab as various groups of youngsters and old persons sat over rail tracks and roads at various places.

The BJP must understand the gravity of the situation as they could have silenced the residents of Jammu and Kashmir and members of a community after CAA, but the Punjab farmers and other residents have a long history of winning various battles. The fight, they have launched against farm bills, will not end in a day or two and it will continue for months. Punjab residents are prepared to run their fight even for years as they will not allow the central BJP government to snatch the source of their livelihood.

Majority of protesters came at their own expense, they used their own vehicles and many came with their own food. The Friday Bandh has reconfirmed that Punjab residents are capable of taking any challenge to get justice. The high number of women, unmarried girls and boys in protesters across Punjab has given a ray of hope to old age persons, who were unaware that their younger generation is fully aware about the gravity of the situation.

At many places, protesters did not allow politicians to address the gathering while at other places, politicians were only allowed to sit at the backside of the crowd. Protesters have shown the politicians their real place for backstabbing farming community of Punjab.

In coming days protests will get more fierce and central BJP government must undo its wrong to prevent national level trouble across the country.

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