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Rapists should lynched in public: Jaya Bachchan amid rage on Hyd vet's rape

Rapists should lynched in public: Jaya Bachchan amid rage on Hyd vet’ …

Rapists should lynched in public: Jaya Bachchan amid rage on Hyd vet’s rape

NEW DELHI: An Indian MP, a woman herself, Jaya Bachchan has said the men who raped and murdered a 27-year-old vet in the city of Hyderabad should be “lynched” in public.

As members raised the issue of the gang rape and murder of the Hyderabad veterinarian last week in both Houses of Parliament, Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan said: “such people be brought out in the public and lynched.”

“These types of people (rapists) should be brought out in public and lynched,” Jaya Bachchan said in parliament.”This is my suggestion. I know it’s a little harsh,” she added.

Ms Bachchan, a former Bollywood actress who is very vocal on women’s rights issues, led the MPs in demanding justice for the victim.

Bachchan said people now want the government to give a proper and a definite answer – which according to her is lynching of the accused.

Several other MPs from across the political spectrum also condemned the brutal gang-rape and murder.

Congress’ Amee Yajnik requested the judiciary, legislative, executive and other systems to come together to see that a social reformation takes place in the country.

“This should be on an emergency basis,” Yajnik said in the Upper House.

What’s the case?

Another brutal rape and murder in India buried the nation under shame.

The news of sexual harassment and burnt alive by Hyderabad’s vet has shaken the country.

Identified as Priyanka Reddy, the 27-year-old vet disappeared on Wednesday evening, after attending a doctor’s appointment.

She called her sister later to say that she had a flat tyre, and a lorry driver had offered to help.

As per reports, the people who offered help then dragged her to a secluded spot close to a toll plaza and gang-raped her.

The charred body of the 26-year-old woman was found under a culvert on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Thursday morning. Police allege she was gang-raped before she was killed.

Under Indian law, a rape victim cannot be identified even after death, but on Friday the woman’s name was the top Twitter trend in India for several hours with angry tweets demanded justice #JusticeForPriyankaReddy.

The current case has also provoked outrage on social media with #HangRapists trending on Twitter in India.

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