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Sachin Tendulkar Settles Lawsuit Against Aussie Bat Makers Spartan

GPTV SPORTS DESK: Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has finally decided to settle his lawsuit against bat manufacture Spartan in Australia’s court after the company apologized for ‘breach of contract’.Tendulkar had entered into a worldwide exclusive sponsorship agreement with the Aussie company Spartan to promote its sportswear and sporting goods.

Tendulkar alleged that the company failed to comply with its obligations under the agreement by failing to pay him endorsement fees and royalties as per the agreement signed by both parties.

“Spartan sincerely apologises to Tendulkar for its failure to honour his sponsorship agreement and is grateful for Tendulkar’s patience in resolving this dispute,” The COO of Spartan, Les Galbraith, stated in a joint press release.

In fact, after the termination of the agreement, Spartan had continued to use Tendulkar’s name and image .

“Tendulkar provided his promotional services at various Spartan events in both Mumbai and London…he was unable to pursue other sponsorship opportunities for sporting goods and sportswear while the Spartan agreement was in place,” stated the release.

In the lawsuit against a number of Spartan companies and their directors, Kunal Sharma and Galbraith, Sachin Tendulkar alleged “breach of contract, misleading and deceptive conduct” and sought injunctions, damages as well as cancellation of trademarks.”

“As part of the settlement, a number of the Spartan companies have submitted to judgment against them and the Spartan group is permanently restrained by court orders from using Tendulkar’s name, image and likeness including to falsely suggest any endorsement by Sachin Tendulkar,” read the joint statement.

“The Spartan companies also publicly acknowledged that Tendulkar has had no association with Spartan since September 17, 2018, when Mr Tendulkar terminated their sponsorship agreement,” added the statement.

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