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Coronavirus: Sikh Volunteers Send 1500kg of Food For Elderly, Self-isolated People

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: A group of Sikh volunteers, dubbed as ‘Turbans 4 Australia’ have donated 1500 kg of food to elderly and people, who are self-isolating, amid coronavirus.

The organisation have already spent about $4,000 on groceries bound for the elderly, disabled and people stuck in self isolation, volunteer and truck driver Amar Singh told Daily Mail.

‘We’re giving preference to the elderly, disabled and people in self isolation but if someone rings us, we’ll help within our means,’ Mr Singh said.

The group made hampers full of noddles, tinned vegetables, juice, Nutella, and tuna for people throughout Sydney.

‘Turbans 4 Australia’ was inspired to help out after the government imposed a mandatory 14-day self isolation rules for people returning from overseas to contain the spread of highly contagious COVID-19.

‘The health directive of the mandatory 14-day self isolation has left many people unable to provide for themselves,’ Mr Singh said.

Customers are struggling to buy everyday goods like non-perishable foods like rice and pasta, toilet paper and hand sanitizer in supermarkets across Australia.

COVID-19 threat has led to more panic buying among customers and supermarkets are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Amar Singh said his group hopes to reduce some of the uncertainty for Australia’s most vulnerable people, particularly the elderly and disabled.

‘(It’s mostly) vulnerable people who are worried about the virus or people having trouble getting food at the supermarket, and disabled, homeless and single parents who are looking after their kids and can’t go out,’ Mr Singh said.

The group are also making hot vegetarian meals for self isolated people due to coronavirus in addition to the groceries.

During the Australian bushfire crisis, the same group had come together to deliver and cook food for people, who had been displaced.

Another organisation based in Melbourne, ‘Sikh Volunteers Australia’ would be delivering 1,000 home-cooked meals to self-isolated people, who live in the south-east of the city.

There are about 1,349 cases of coronavirus in Australia with 7 deaths.

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