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Tiktok Video ban in Golden Temple: Stop objectionable videos, but politely

Tiktok Video ban in Golden Temple: Stop objectionable videos, but politely

Every time whenever there is any objectionable video shot inside of the Golden Temple Amritsar Sahib, Akal Takhat and Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak committee authorities make announcements to take preventive measures.

This has happened again now as after another objectionable video shot inside the Golden Temple made on mobile application TikTok went viral on social media, Akal Takht and SGPC announced that they were contemplating a ban on carrying mobile phones in the Sikh shrine.

But it’s surprising that such announcements triggered by similar videos in past have failed to see any action. In fact, in the latest announcement, the Takhat authorities have stated that they would impose a ban on mobiles if such videos do not stop immediately, showing that authorities are still reluctant to ban the use of mobiles even after seeing so many objectionable videos made inside of golden temple, for reasons best known to them.   Many intellectuals have repeatedly been demanding a complete ban on such videos, but their repeated requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Many support the complete ban on the use of mobiles inside of the temple and also demand that authorities must get deposited mobiles at the main gate because devotees, who want to pay obeisance at Golden temple do not want to use mobile. But only the persons, who are less interested in paying obeisance, will prepare such videos with the help of their mobiles. But if anyone objects to the idea of depositing mobile on the gate, he must not be allowed to visit the shrine to maintain its peace and sanctity.

But there are many, who are openly demanding the permission to prepare videos inside of shrine as they say that like other religious shrines, they should also have permission here to prepare videos to further popularize it across the globe.

Since there is sharp division whether to allow mobile and videos inside of Golden temple or not, authorities must take a decision after thoroughly taking the feedback of all sections of society to avoid further embarrassment. Apart from it, authorities must clarify what kind of videos are allowed and also depute special teams to convince residents politely against making objectionable videos.

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