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UK: Indian-Origin Doctor Gets 3 Life Sentences for 90 Sexual Assaults on Patients

UK: Indian-Origin Doctor Gets 3 Life Sentences for 90 Sexual Assaults on Pa …

LONDON: An Indian-origin doctor in the UK has been given three life sentences for 90 sexual assaults on female patients in London.

A general practitioner (GP), Manish Shah assaulted 23 women and a 15-year-old girl while working in London – carrying out invasive examinations for his own gratification.

Old Bailey- Central Criminal Court of England branded Manish Shah as a “master of deception” for persuading patients as young as 15 to undergo unnecessary intimate examinations for his own sexual gratification.

The disgraced doctor used a news story citing Hollywood star Angelina Jolie having a preventative mastectomy with one patient during the consultation before asking if she would like him to examine her breasts.

“You made up stories which got into heads and caused panic. Your behaviour was not only sexual but was driven by your desire to control and on occasions humiliate women”, Judge Anne Molyneux said to Shah.

Fifteen of the victims watched on as Judge Anne Molyneux QC sentenced Shah to three life sentences with a minimum term of 15 years plus further jail terms to run concurrently.

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Shah, of Romford, east London, who claimed he had been practising “defensive medicine”, was found guilty of 25 sexual offences against six victims at Mawney Medical Centre between 2009 and 2013 last year.

The Indian-origin doctor was suspended from the medical practice in 2013 when complaints came to light, resulting in a police investigation.

At an earlier trial in 2018, he was convicted of offences relating to 18 other people, bringing the total number of offences to 90.

The court also found that Shah picked up on patients considering their vulnerability and family history of cancer.

Paul Goddard, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Manish Shah was a trusted family doctor, but he took advantage of that trust to abuse his female patients and then falsified their medical notes to try to justify intimate medical examinations that should not have taken place.

“The Crown Prosecution Service wishes to commend those women, who by bravely giving evidence convinced the jury of Dr Shah’s guilt.”

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